minimalist publishing
for indie devs

Green Stripe Snake specializes in 'minimalist publishing' - working with indie devs to release their games on assorted platforms, while ensuring that they maintain their company identity.

Breath of Light

Breath of Light is a beautiful and meditative puzzle game featuring a hypnotic soundscape by Winterpark.

Guide the breath of light through the puzzles and try to connect life to life in the most beautiful and fluid ways possible. Rearrange stones in a serene and slightly dream-like Zen garden. These stones will gently push, pull, bend, reflect or shift the flow according to their size, shape and character.

Don't worry, there are no scores or time limits. Breath of Light is designed to take you out of the everyday. It is a relaxing puzzle game that's a little Zen garden, a little lotus flower and lot of flowing good vibes.

  • Manipulate flowing energy through minimalist Zen gardens
  • Relaxing and beautiful level flow
  • Hypnotic soundtrack that responds to your play
  • More than 120 puzzles
  • Enchanting soundtrack by Winterpark
Many Monkeys


Many Monkeys is an Australian independent game studio that explores places where games, interactive art spaces and roundabout shakespeare references meet.

It’s more fun than a barrel of game devs.