minimalist publishing
for indie devs

Green Stripe Snake specializes in 'minimalist publishing' - working with indie devs to release their games on assorted platforms, while ensuring that they maintain their company identity.


Change your world by changing your perspective. Mallow Drops is a tricky mix of platformer and a sliding block puzzle.

Help Marsh and Mallow rescue their eggs and get to the exit! Turn everything upside down as you slide, shift and move through the tricky world of Mallow Drops, a mix of platformer and a sliding block puzzle. Getting to where you need to go is no problem - just be sure to have a safe landing!

But with Wooly Jumpers hopping about and Dirty Underbears surprising you suddenly, it won't be easy. And if you're not careful, the dreaded Dropbears will get the drop on you!

  • A tricky mix of platformer and sliding block puzzle
  • Over 100 brain-bending levels
  • An incredible soundtrack by Meghann O'Neill
  • Make your own puzzles using the the same tools the developers do, or using freely available editors!
  • Supports key rebinding and adjusting the rotation effect for those with motion sickness


Full time web developer.

Jam time game developer.

Gritfish is the working name of John Kane (and various collaborators).