minimalist publishing
for indie devs

Green Stripe Snake specializes in 'minimalist publishing' - working with indie devs to release their games on assorted platforms, while ensuring that they maintain their company identity.


If you're an indie developer who wants to focus on development rather than publishing, finance and developer relations, Green Stripe Snake is perfect for you! Here are some of the services we provide:


With pre-existing distributor relations in place, we can work with distributors on your behalf to get your game on storefronts. No more need to follow-up emails while you're working on your game!


We'll take care of distributor payments on your behalf, and pay them into your nominated account. No need to fill out international tax forms.


When you work with Green Stripe Snake, your IP remains yours. All that we ask is that we can use it to promote the game for you.

In short - Green Stripe Snake's goal is to help you publish your game, and let you focus on development.